Monday, July 18, 2011

Harry Potter Tribute Exhibition

Hogwarts at Night, by Caroline Hadilaksono

Hermione, by Ana Galvan

Psychedelic Luna, by Xavier Collette

Doutes, by Alexandre Day

Hagrid Holding Harry, by Scott C.

Snape, who is fantastic in the movies, BTW. By Nicolas Bannister

Untitled, by Lorelay Bove

I am a big Harry Potter fan, more so of the books than the movies. I actually rather dislike all of the movies except for the first one, so I probably won't be rushing to the theater any time soon. Fortunately, I can still get my HP fix at the Gallery Nucleus website. This gallery in California is having a tribute show with works by a wide variety of artists (and styles). They have posted most of the work online and there are over 100 pieces to browse through. I don't think the show runs much longer, so check out the website soon, if you are interested! I had to stop myself from posting many more images, there are just so many cool ones!

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  1. Those drawings actually look really cool and just wanted to say kudos to the artists. Also, I have been checking out the Gallery Nucleus for like the last hour haha Good read !