Monday, September 14, 2009

On My Bookshelf: All Things Spooky

I love Halloween, I love witches (the pointy black hat, broom is primary mode of transportation kind), and I love all things weird like Charles Addams. So today I share with you two little gems from my collection, all thanks to my mom and her stealth ebay skills.

First, Dorrie and the Blue Witch by Patricia Coombs, copyright 1964. Published by Lothrop, Lee and Shepard Co., Inc.
I loved these books when I was young. There are many stories about the little witch, but they are rather hard to come by these days.

And I love Charles Addams, I always wanted to live with the Addam's Family (totally weird, right?). All of Mr. Addam's cartoons for the New Yorker are genius. So you can imagine my excitement when my mom presented me with this wacky take on nursery rhymes, just my style!

The Charles Addams Mother Goose, copyright 1967. Published by Windmill Books, Inc. Distributed by Harper & Row


  1. OOooh these are beautiful! You always share the best stuff!

  2. ahh these are great, its one of those books you forget about until someone reminds you. the drawings are fabulous!!

  3. Some great books and your fave holiday-yay! Maybe when you visit, we can go visit the witch by our old place!

  4. Dorrie And The Blue Witch.
    I NEED that one!!
    It is so lovely!
    Unfortunately it seems to be very hard to find it, here in Germany... :(