Thursday, January 22, 2009

On a political note, kind of.

How amazing was the inauguration that took place this week? All of the people, the music, Aretha Franklin's hat-that only she could pull off-it was a pretty fantastic moment in our nation's history. I have been an avid Obama fan from the beginning and so I was overjoyed by Tuesday's events. I must say that the Obama family is the cutest ever-the girls? Adorable.

I am thoroughly impressed by Mrs. Obama. What an intelligent, educated and classy woman-such a refreshing change! When I found out that the smart lime green outfit she was wearing was made by Isabel Toledo, I was even more excited. Isabel, wife of Ruben Toledo, an amazing fashion illustrator, who is probably most well known for his gorgeous Nordstrom ads, has had a clothing line for some time now. While she has been kind of under the radar, I have a feeling she will become more of a household name after everyone saw how stunning Michelle looked on Tuesday. They truly are a power couple (both the Toledo's and the Obama's!).

I firmly believe that Obama is everything we need right now and I am so impressed with all that he has accomplished thus far. I am happy we have a young family in the White House and I look forward to spending the next four years with them. Politics aside, I am also slighty giddy about having a new fashion icon to watch, however petty and insignificant that may be.

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