Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lame post I know, but it's been a very long week.

This past weekend I finished two E. Lockhart books, The Boy Book (sequel to The Boyfriend List) and Fly on the Wall. I loved the Boy Book, another great Ruby Oliver novel. E. Lockhart captures teen angst so well! Often while reading I would think, "that's exactly how I felt in high school!" I could relate to her characters, and while it was somewhat uncomfortable to revisit those awkward moments from my past, it was so worth it for the good read.

Fly on the Wall was not a favorite of mine. While the idea was grand, the story lacked many things and I found myself kind of rushing through the book just so I could be finished. I won't say specifically why I was disappointed by this book here and now, because it would get long winded and boring. I don't want to turn away the few blog readers I do have just quite yet.

Anyway, I wanted to post all of the Ruby Oliver covers together because they are so fantastic design-wise. While purusing E. Lockhart's blog, I stumbled upon something exciting-she will releasing a third Ruby Oliver book this summer-yay! I think this cover for The Treasure Map of Boys is the best one yet. So fun. The book will be out July 28th and I can't wait!

I am now reading Edgar Sawtelle, yes I know it's an Oprah pick. Don't hate me, she picks good books sometimes.

In other news, I am working on some exciting projects but cannot share them just quite yet so stay tuned!

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