Monday, February 1, 2010

A Random List of Things That I Love at the Moment

Oh my, I have been horrible at posting! In between work, socializing, and the mid-winter blues, I have let the blog slide (again). Thanks for sticking with me, and I promise to make things a bit more interesting around here.

Some very random things that I heart this week...

This little portable green getaway, isn't it darling? It's called Window on the Stars, translated, and it's supposed to provide luxury accommodations with very little environmental impact. I can just imagine a perfect little weekend escape complete with stargazing, reading The House of Mirth and The Great Gatsby (two books I want to read this year) and sipping mimosas. Found via Apartment Therapy.

With Valentine's Day quickly approaching, I love seeing all of the festive card designs. I was drawn to the simple elegance of these from the UK company, the Art File. Found via Print and Pattern.
I know this is horrible, but I don't have the link for this image. However, I really like the lettering and the message.

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