Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's a New Year!

Hello Friends! It's been a while (again!), but it's dark, cold and I have come down with a bad head cold (again). Posting has been light I know, but this time of year is always a bit difficult for me, the holidays are over, friends and family are gone, and there is nothing really left to look forward to for a while.

So it's a new year and while I don't really do the whole resolution thing, I do like making goals for myself, or a list of things that I would like to accomplish in the coming year. Below is said list:

1) Read more, I only managed to finish 45 books last year, I fell 5 books short of my goal. It's sad really, I totally need to step it up!
2) Spend less time on the internet-I sit at a computer all day, and then come home and somehow spend most of the evening on my laptop.
3) Draw, draw, draw.
4) More yoga than ever before.
5) Learn to cook some things outside of my usual cooking comfort zone-French? Indian? Desserts?

What are your goals or things that you would like to accomplish this year?

See you soon, and Happy New Year!

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1 comment:

  1. I love your list! Your next year sounds like it should be very nourishing to your soul. For me, it has sparked the idea of making goals as well. So thank you for the inspiration.

    I also have a great idea! One related to #5. Will contact you about this.
    Cheers to your goals!