Monday, June 1, 2009

Covers: Redesigned

My edition of Betsy & Tacy, around 1968

I was a big fan of the Betsy and Tacy stories when I was young, and it's been many years since I have re-visited them. While trolling the internet earlier today I found that HarperCollins will be re-releasing the high school Betsy stories in October of this year. Since the first book was published in 1940, the covers have gone through many changes with the times.

This edition came out in 1993

One of the originals, from 1947

Covers from Harper Collins re-release in October, 2009

After so many different looks, (I left out some of the worst) I am glad to see that they returned to the original illustrations and went with a simple, yet elegant frame around the title. I think the colors work well and keep the books feeling a bit vintage, but updated in all of the right ways. Hopefully this re-release will spark some new interest in these sweet little stories!

All images from Amazon & HarperCollins Catalog

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