Saturday, April 4, 2009

Daily Pattern: Pears

I'm thinking this might be a fun pattern to screen print on a tote bag or the like. More on that to come, things are in the works, oh yes, they are!


  1. Hi. Any chance you'd ever (or do you?!) screen print your patterns onto fabric? I see so many of your pattern designs that I'd love to see as fabric for quilts, etc. :)

  2. Hi Wenders,

    I have a few plans in the works-I hope to set up a screen printing studio in my garage this summer. I want to start making shirts, bags, etc. and put them on Etsy. That is my dream anyway :o) I will let everyone know if, and when it happens!

  3. Ah so jealous! I wish i could set up a screenprinting studio! My friend set herself up one at work!