Monday, March 2, 2009

Retro Eye Candy

This weekend I was the lucky recipient of some great stuff from days gone by. Although there was some coaxing involved, I finally convinced my mom to part with some cookbooks that I have had my eye since I was quite small. The Better Homes and Gardens Junior Cookbook was my 1st cookbook, and my mom's too, so it's quite special. This little gem is fantastic, and here are some reasons why:

A recipe for hot dogs-6 franks, 6 buns and butter-does it get any better? Simple and classic.

Even at a very young age I quickly learned from mom that the best way to remember a recipe (good or bad) is to make a small note on the page detailing the outcome of the meal...

Note my remarks on this dish in the upper left hand corner. Please keep this in mind if you ever consider making this dessert.

Another favorite when I was young was the Pillsbury Bake Off Cake Cook Book. While not quite the vintage gem of the Junior Better Homes and Gardens, it's still a goodie. I love the photography, everything looks so calorie laden and fantastic. My favorite photo (then and now) below:

Don't those cupcakes look divine? Yum!

And my final score, while not cooking related, is a good one. We were going through M's Grandmother's belongings (she passed away years ago) and I was given, among other things some fantastic records. This one is my favorite:

I chose it solely for the cover-the couple, the outfits, the champagne, the rug? Fantastic. I need to find a good place to display this beauty. I also claimed Abba's Super Trooper, The Footloose Soundtrack, and Cyndi Lauper-the album with Girls Just Wanna Have Fun and Time After Time. All on vinyl-yes! One could say it quite a good weekend...

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