Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Arty Libraries

The photos above are from Maria Kalman's School Library Design-isn't it a dream?

How fun is this one? The design legends at Pentagram helped find the talent to decorate this space.

This article was in the Times last week, and somehow I missed it-what?!? Anyway, an organization called The Robin Hood foundation (a group organized to help fight poverty in NYC) helped bring the 1st library in years to a crumbling PS in the Bronx. Some of the students had never stepped foot in a library before this one had been built in their school-isn't that amazing?

Over the past 9 years this organization, with the help of donors, has put over 62 libraries in schools! But that isn't the best part-the most recent three have artwork/decor all done by well known artists and illustrators. Maria Kalman, someone I COMPLETELY idolize did most of the work for PS 47. Wow.

This project is so, so great. I was practically raised in a library and I cherish books like nothing else. Heck, part of the reason we chose our current apartment was because of it's location- a block from the library! So reading about this project made me very, very happy! Now if only our library could look like one of these!

Photos from The New York Times


  1. *wow* if my school library looked like THAT i would have spend helluva lot more time in it. even if i didn't read, the design concept would be worth being around.

  2. K and S here. S says yes and yes! Zajebiste!

  3. Woah. Love love love those! I might have actually studied in them had my college library looked like that.