Friday, February 20, 2009

Happy Weekend!

There's nothing I love more than Friday evenings, the weekend always looks so long and luxurious from this point doesn't it? M is in Chi-Town for the next few days so it's just me and Eva (the cat), but we have big plans. Oh, yes we do!
Some things I am looking forward to:
-90210 marathon-will Dylan choose Kelly or Brenda? The suspense!!
-Izzy's Guatemalan Coffee Ice Cream
-Picking up Girl with the Dragon Tattoo from the library.
-If time permits, I may just give this little piece of the internet a small makeover.
-Listening to more of these two fantastic albums that I can't get enough of right now...Bodies of Water by Solid Gold & Halloween Alaska by Halloween Alaska. Trust me, this is good stuff. Tracks worth checking out: Synchronize (#8) on Bodies of Water & Call it Clear (#4) on Halloween Alaska (plus they are from St. Paul!).

Happy Friday Everyone!


  1. Haha, tv marathons are the best. I bought the first season of 90210 a few months ago and watched it straight through. Lots of fun :)

  2. I know exactly what you mean by the weekend looking long and luxurious on a fri eve. It's a great feeling!

    Hope you had a fun weekend...on my way to check out the music you posted about!