Saturday, January 31, 2009

It's been a week.

This week was a tough one. I have spent most of my hours at work, as we have deadlines looming. Monday is the day I am supposed to have all 20 of my book covers more or less done. Wow, even typing that stresses me out! However, I am working on some pretty great books this season and have thoroughly enjoyed most of the process thus far. Crunch time is just never fun I suppose.
Anyway, the weekend is finally here and all is well (for the most part). My weekend has been perfection to this point. A much needed night out with the girls followed by a perfectly delicious greasy brunch. I am about to go meet a fabulous friend for tea-look at me, I'm social! The weather is a balmy 35 degrees and it's sunny. Wonderful!

I will post some new design goodies this weekend, I promise.


  1. This 35 degree weather is heavenly! I just recently noticed we live in the same area!

    20 bookcovers is sure a lot to have done all at the same time! Good luck!

  2. Alea,

    Wasn't Saturday the best? I had my sunroof open and it was not even that warm! That's crazy that we live in the same city!

    I will need all of the luck I can get-thank you!

  3. It was so nice, I hadn't realized until I found myself outside in my thick jacket and hat! It was so so nice! I know it is crazy, small world!


  4. weee! oh my goodness, thanks for the shout-out!! lawdy lawdy! I will now have to live up to your amazing-ness and keep up mah blog as well.

    Bring back the warm weather, Emily dear. Please? Thanks.