Sunday, January 11, 2009

I Heart Print.

2008 was a pretty good year-I got a great new job designing children's books. It's pretty fantastic. I have entered the publishing world at an odd time-the e-book is gaining popularity and the major publishing houses have gone through huge transitions in the past few months. I think the way we buy books may change dramatically within the next few years but I want to remain optimistic that the printed word is here to stay (or at least for a very long time).

Anyway, I wanted to give you a sneak peek at my first set in print. I cannot tell you how exciting it was to hold these books in my hands for the first time. It was an amazing feeling. While there are still things I would love to change/work through I am pretty pleased with the outcome. I will post better photos on my website soon.

Have a look!

They are pretty sweet little stories. My company purchased the set from the UK so they were a re-design. This is how they looked before...better now hopefully?


  1. Wow, they look fantastic! :)

    Lisa May

  2. Oh wow, what fun! Every once in awhile I get to work on a book cover and it's always the most exciting thing for me! This is great, the end pages are beautiful!